Eating Stones Presentation

This Autumn saw the end of our year of fund raising for our charity of the year - Eating Stones.

We were very pleased to be able to welcome Chris Ferry to our Sunday morning service on the 18th November 2012 where he was presented with the final cheque, making the Bridge Church's donation to Eating Stones a grand total of £4,500.  This was a record for the amount raised by the Church for a charity and demonstrated the way that the plight of the people, and Chris's dedication, touched the members of the Bridge Church.

Chris stayed with us, and we were pleased to be able to hear him talk about the work of Eating Stones in Kenya, and some of the things Chris has done in the course of the year, including being asked to run with the Olympic Torch in its journey around the country.

Click here to see pictures that Chris brought to show us of the project.

Eating Stones Priorities

  • The children’s health is suffering, in part due to their diet, so our immediate aim is spend more on food in order to improve their well-being.
  • We hope to provide better educational facilities on site. The classrooms are basic and overcrowded. We need to reduce the risk of infection and improve the quality of education.
  • Our long term aim is to look for sources of funding to purchase land and buildings in order to expand and secure a stable future.

Eating Stones Key Goals and Objectives

  • We are developing our child sponsorship scheme, so we can guarantee the basic needs of the children will be met: a good diet, clean water, medication and a proper education.
  • We aim to assure a secure future for our children, through a combination of income generating activities and sustainable agriculture projects.
  • We will continue to become more involved with local slum residents, through community based programmes, such as sexual health seminars and skills based classes. We aim to empower them and offer them the chance of a better future.
  • We plan to establish a SlumLife Education Centre; to enable better community relations, provide a meeting point for Kenyans and visitors, and an education space for all in our locale.



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