Calabash Trust

The Calabash Trust - Church Charity
The Church Charity for this year is the Calabash Trust.
There will be various fund raising events in the coming months which we hope that you will look out for and support.
If you would like to know more about the Calabash Trust please speak to Maureen Mason.

South Africa is still struggling to come to terms with making quality education available for all children, and those in very poor townships are most at risk. Bringing together the various education systems that existed under apartheid is a mammoth task.

South Africa has now developed a world class curriculum. The challenge lies however, in its implementation and the fact that many schools have large classes (40 children) and a shortage of teachers.

Most schools in the townships are ‘no fee’ schools, which means all children may attend. Yet while this has opened the doors of learning to everyone, it’s had the unintended consequence that schools in middle class areas are able to provide a better schooling experience, through the collection of schools fees from parents.

Teachers in the schools where our volunteers are placed work under tough conditions, and while the infrastructure is often reasonable, teaching resources are scarce, out of date, or if they do exist teachers are not sure how to use them.

The language of instruction from Grade 3 is supposed to be in English, and the language is introduced in Grade 1. However, since Xhosa is the mother tongue, most teaching happens in both languages. As children advance to high school, all examinations are written in English. Having English speaking volunteers is therefore a great asset to the schools.

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